Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simlpe Pleasure

There was a good sale price on a simple white Burgundy a week or so ago, so that meant one came home with me. The wine was the 2009 Louis Jadot Macon Villages.

There was some halibut, the first of the season, that was pan seared, and a simple white rice with fresh peas added at the last moment to just warm until done.

Simple flavors in the wine of green grapes and green apple mixed with a little lemon zest.  Great acidity, helped carry those flavors along to a medium length finish.  Nothing extravagant here, just chardonnay done in its basic form.  With a basic piece of fish it was all that was necessary. 

The halibut was delicious, but without a coupon the price was bordering on exorbitant at nearly $30 a pound.  That's up $10 a pound from just a year ago for this wild caught fish.  Hopefully as the season moves along the price will drop.  If it doesn't drop I won't be eating a lot of halibut this summer, and it is my favorite white fish.

A scary thought - if wild halibut is $30 a pound, what will wild caught salmon be when that season starts next month?  The answer is probably out of my price range.

$13 and 12.5% alcohol.

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