Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue Nun

Saturday was  fun.  Some friends hosted a retro or "redneck" dinner with appropriate wines.  In other words, cheap stuff.  I made three contributions to the evening, and the first was a 2009 Blue Nun, German Table Wine.

This was an extremely popular wine in the 70's and early 80's here in the U.S.  For a significant number of people it was their introduction to German wines and I should be included in that group.  At the time it was labeled as Liebfraumilch, quite often shortened to Leap Frog Milk.  The blend has obviously changed because the label now says German Table Wine. There was quite a bit of razzing from my friends at the wine store when this bottle appeared in my cart at the checkout counter but in spite of the shouts of derision I took the old lady home with me.

The wine was basically colorless in the glass with some hints of green/gold at the edges.  Flowery nose of ripe blossoms and fruit.  There was no hint of citrus in this wine.  Medium body and a less sweet taste than I remember.  The acid that so marks a good German wine was missing here so the wine tasted flat.  There was no edge to it to balance out the sweetness that was there.  For $3 more one could move up to a good basic Riesling.

$9 and 9.5% alcohol.

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