Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Trip to Bountiful?

There was a trip to another out of state store Monday and I approached it in a different manner than my usual method.  I put together a case of inexpensive wine that matched one of two criterion, each bottle had to be something I've never tried before or it had to be from a producer that was new to me. I ended up with a very mixed case from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, New York, California, and Scotland. Obviously the bottle from Scotland was a single malt whisky, but the others were all wine.

One part of the excursion that was unexpected was the reaction from and the interaction with the personnel in the wine store.  Monday is their least busy day so they had time to spend on my project.  When I moved from section to section the in store "expert" on those sections was there to talk wine and make suggestions.  Two of the bottles were not displayed on the shelves, they were tucked away in back awaiting shelf space.   My not being a novice or new wine drinker proved to be a challenge for them as some of their early suggestions  were rejected with comments like, "I had that about fifteen years ago." 

Fun day and there will be some interesting wines to try over the next few weeks.
The pictures don't have much to do with the story, they are just shots of a morning glory vine on the fence around the patio and in the adjacent tree. 

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