Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chateau Bel Air

I really don't buy much Bordeaux any more.  I used to buy quite a bit of it and at one time had a number of second growths in the cellar.  Of course they used to be affordable.  Times change and today there aren't that many in the cellar because of the price inflation. 

A couple of weeks ago I found this bottle of 2009 Chateau Bel Air in a wine store at $14.  That's certainly a price that made it worth a try.

There was nothing outstanding, ethereal or life changing about this wine, but it was certainly good and tasty.  The color was medium and definitely young at the edges.  The aroma was young as well with some medium dark berries, a hint of cassis and a touch of cedar.  Medium body and mouth feel and a pleasant fruity finish that ended with a moderate dose of tannin to clear the palate.  There was a roast chicken for dinner and some brown rice mixed with a few vegetables and the wine was equal part of a good meal. 

Sadly they sold out of this wine, but today it was back in stock so I added two bottles to the cellar.  It will be fun to try it again in a year or two.

13% alcohol and $14.  Good buy.

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