Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roero Arneis

Another of the wines in the recent mixed case was an Arneis, Specifically a 2009 Antico Contado Roero Arneis Renesio from the Piemonte region of northwest Italy. This is an old variety that is enjoying something of a renaissance and the Roero region is at the forefront.

Very bright green/gold color in the glass the wine smelled like the perfectly ripe pear one gets when they hang on the tree until fully ready to eat.  This was a very full bodied wine and very mouth-filling. The pears were there in force with a tiny bit of apple and yellow plums underpinning the pear flavor.  There was very good acidity for such a full bodied wine.  The finish was fruity and then bone dry with acid. 

Dinner was also a little unusual.  A nearby farmer is now producing and selling locally Cornish hens, small chickens with a full taste.  I brought home one that was 1 1/4 pounds then stuffed it with fresh sage, thyme and rosemary, dusted it with some coarse salt, put it in a small skillet and popped everything in a 350 degree toaster oven for 40 minutes.  The result is pictured below.  There was some fresh bail gnudi served in a freshly made sauce of just harvested red and yellow tomatoes to go with the poultry.

The acid in the wine killed the richness of the hen and the flavors in the wine were a nice compliment to the gnudi, which were full of ricotta cheese and fresh basil.  Good meal.

13% alcohol and $15.

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