Monday, January 23, 2012

2008 Simmonet-Febvre Chablis

We opened this for a late Friday night dinner with some friends.  Dinner was a chicken roasted in a closed pot.  The wine was opened before dinner with some olive tapenade and a couple of mild cheeses and some toasted bread slices.  The wine was a 2008 Simmonet-Febvre Chablis Millesime.

The color of this wine was darker than I remember from a previous bottle.  The wine smelled wonderfully tart with sweet citrus and a bit of toasted nuts.  The hard edge of youth was gone here and the wine has matured into something different.  The angles were more smooth and the flavors were softer with sweet apples, pears and the hint of hazelnuts.    Long finish to the wine and a pleasant blast of acid to clear the palate at the very end. 

This wine has fully matured and has acquired a bit of elegance.  There are two more bottles in the cellar and they won't stay there long.  For a simple, inexpensive Chablis this is hard to beat.  Very pleasant wine.

13% alcohol and $12.99

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