Tuesday, January 31, 2012

River Village Cellars

The 2009 vintage in this area, southwest Ohio, was miserable from a weather standpoint.  It was wet and cold and basically a washout.  Still there were grapes and if there are grapes there must be wine.  There was.

There was a pan roasted rib eye steak the other night so I grabbed a 2009 River Village Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is the second label for one of my favorite wineries, Kinkead Ridge.  The year's entire production of red wines was moved off the primary label and bottled under this second label and sold at a more than reasonable price.

Nice cherry flavors with some earth notes underneath it, and surprisingly it was dry earth and not the wet mud that dominated much of the harvest.  There was a small suggestion of darker fruit, but this primarily stayed on the red end of things.  Unmistakably Cabernet, but definitely on the light side.

Good wine with the steak, and there was no sauce or heavy seasoning on the meat,  just a simple steak and a simple wine to go with it.  Nothing wrong with that, and at the price a good buy.

13.1% alcohol and $11.

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Nancy Bentley said...

Aren't we all longing for the summer when the grill can come out and we don't have to cook steaks indoors! Thanks for the kind words. The 09s taste better as time goes on. Only about 60 cases of each left at the winery.