Friday, January 6, 2012

After Dinner

Prior to the other evening I really don't remember the last time I drank a glass of Cream Sherry.  If I had to guess my estimate would likely be in decades rather than years. The main reason that this changed was due to the 375ml bottles of a range of Sherries that are currently available in the local market from Lustau and a few other producers. 

I purchased five different bottles in the Solera Reserva range from Lustau and the Capataz Andres DeLuxe Cream was one of them.  Needing something to finish the evening about an hour after a meal I opened this bottle and was delighted with the contents.  The wine was beautiful deep, reddish brown, perhaps mahogany, in the glass and the aromas were dried fruit, a very sweet prune and some toasted nuts.  I could particularly pick out some aromas that I've found in a couple of Oloroso wines that I've had lately.  The Perdo Ximenez added more complexity.  The prunes were front in center in the taste, but there were other dried fruits, some smoke and a faint suggestion of Nutella - hazelnuts and chocolate.

The wine was deep but not overtly sweet, it just sat on a line that was perfectly balanced,  There were a few crackers and a small bit of Roaring 40's cheese from Australia that matched up well with this wine.  Good stuff and not my last bottle.

$9 and 20% alcohol.

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