Monday, January 16, 2012

Small Celebration

A little bit of good fortune came calling at the door recently, and thankfully we were home when it knocked.  Good fortune calls for a celebration so out came a Bouchard, Pere & Fils Chambolle-Musigny from the 2005 vintage.

Dinner was a roast chicken, but we elevated it somewhat by slicing a black truffle and inserting the slices between the chicken skin and the meat.  The bird roasted in a medium oven until the last few minutes when we turned the oven up to crisp the skin.

I opened the wine while the chicken was roasting to let it breathe.  Medium brick color in the glass, dark but not opaque.  Heady aromas of clean earth and cherries poured out of the glass.  Nice to just sit and sniff this wine.  Medium body with great fruit flavors of those cherries with suggestions of spice and earth.   Mouth filling with flavors and true Burgundian silk.  The tannins were soft and sweet and there was more than enough acid to balance the wine.  When this wine was first released I tasted it and wrote that it was a very big wine with an in your face attitude.  The wine has since mellowed into something much better.  It's not the biggest dog in the litter, but it certainly has all the other qualities it needs.  Wonderful sweet finish that just slowly faded and made one eager for another sip.

With the chicken and truffles the wine really bloomed.  The earthy aspect of both the wine and truffles hung out together while the fruit played a piano solo for them, most definitely Dave Brubeck playing September Song.  Very, very good wine and meal.

13% alcohol and $55

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