Saturday, January 21, 2012


It had been awhile since I opened a Condrieu and after consuming this one I should probably drink more.  The wine was a 2006 Georges Vernay Les Terrasses de l'Empire.  Medium yellow in the glass, the nose was incredible ripe with peaches, nectarines, apricots and toasted nuts.  This was a very viscous wine and clung to the side of the glasses.  Wonderful flavors of the above fruits with a touch of pineapple coming along for the ride.  Full bodied and a wine that cried out for some food.  There was a small pork roast and it matched up well with that, but the side dish was amazing.  Sliced carrots and parsnips were sauteed with some shallots, butter, tarragon and a pinch of sugar and pan roasted until they began to caramelize and develop a slight char.  Great combination of flavors withe wine.  The parsnips were rich and warming and the wine had great acid to balance that.  The shallots had their usual pungency and the viscosity in the wine paired with that. 

We sipped this over the course of the evening and it showed no signs of fading, but it definitely was most brilliant with the vegetables.  There's now a post-it-note on my last bottle of this wine to repeat the vegetable dish when I open the bottle.

14% alcohol and $52

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