Friday, July 27, 2012

Cider Time

Cider is showing up in the pubs and bars in this area alongside the usual taps of draft beer.  Last week I was in an Irish pub in the Cincinnati area and rather than a Guinness I opted for a Magner's Cider, an oak aged version from Ireland.  Crisp and sweet at the same time, it was really good with a fish sandwich and some chips.

The other night there was pork chops for dinner and the cider craving hit me again.  The only one on hand at home was a 2009 Etienne Dupont Cider from Normandy.  I bought several bottles of this cider last year and put two away after drinking a couple of them.  A little chill and one of them was ready to go with the pork chops.

Earthy and fruity aromas with a little bit of baked goods going on as well.  The taste was pure, sweet apple with hints of mushrooms, which weren't there in the previous bottles. Great acidity and balance and a wonderful sweet-tart finish. 

2009 Cidre Bouche' Brut de Normandie, Eteinne Dupont.  5.5% alcohol and $7 for 375ml.

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