Friday, July 13, 2012

Nero D'Avola

Very good dinner last night and a very good, summer weight red to wash it down.

The wine was a Brondello Nero D'Avola from Italy's Sicilia IGT.   Medium color in the glass and a good whiff of berries in the nose and a touch of fennel or anise.  Great up front fruit flavors of ripe blackberries.  Medium body and weight in the mouth with good acid and just enough tannin to keep things in balance.  Average length to the finish, but overall a good little wine and fun to drink.

Dinner is pictured above.  There was a sale on prime strip steaks so one was grilled to medium rare.  The potato salad was from the Thursday farmers' market and used local white, yellow and purple fingerling potatoes, local green beans, local shallots, champagne vinegar and blue cheese.  The tomatoes and blackberries were local and the basil was from the large pot by the door.  Only the the wine and champagne vinegar were more than ten miles removed from their point of consumption.

13% alcohol and $9.  A bargain.

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