Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lobsters and Rias Baixas

Normally my lobster consumption is restricted to the end of May when the local market flies in a plane load from Maine.  Fortunately for consumers the harvest has been spectacular this summer and prices have dropped.  A different local market bought a bunch and sold them for $7.99 a pound and I pounced on that opportunity.  The results are pictured above with some just picked that day sweet corn.

At the larger gathering in May the wine is nearly always Chardonnay based, Chablis more often than not.  This time I decided to go with a Rias Baixas from northwest Spain.  The wine of choice was the 2011 Laxas from Bodegas As Laxas.  Light color, fresh, salty, and fruity aromas.  Austere mouth feel with lots of green apple and acidic fruit.  The wine mellowed in mid palate with a touch of ripe sweetness and a hint of ripe peach or apricot.  Long, perky and fresh finish to this wine.

The wine was quite a contrast to the richness of the lobster and the buttery dipping sauce and was a good choice for the lobster.  That said, in the end I still prefer a Chablis with my lobster.

12.5% alcohol and $15

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