Monday, July 9, 2012

Coming Together

A little over a month ago I looked at the 2011 white wines released at the end of May by Kinkead Ridge.You can read the original report here

At that time I described the 2011 Riesling as light and nondescript.    I also mentioned that I had seen the same thing from previous vintages of this wine.  It was such a hot week last week that something light in the wine department sounded good so I pulled the cork on one of the Rieslings.  Six weeks out and the wine is beginning its change.  There is more aroma of apples and honeysuckle coming out of the glass and the flavors are becoming more distinct.  It's beginning to taste like Riesling instead of a generic white wine.  There's a little more body and a little more substance to the wine.  The finish had just a hint of sweetness that complimented the wine.

It took three days to drink the bottle, having a large glass with several different types of food.  It was best on the second day some chicken thigh yakitori.  Nice pairing with the soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin, and ginger in the yakitori sauce. 

The photo is a vine on the neighbors patio that must be full of sweet nectar since every ant within crawling distance seems to visit the blossoms frequently.

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