Monday, November 26, 2012

Fontodi Chianti Classico

There are three Chianti producers who consistently make wines that please my palate, Fontodi, Felsina and Querciabella.  Last night I pulled out a 2006 Fontodi Chianti Classico to go with pan seared pork chops and a large pan of roasted carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  The carrots are pictured one post down.

Strong, fresh fruit and earth aromas blasted out of this bottle.  Tart, partly dried, partly sour, red cherry flavors were very up front here.  Tart and sweet on the middle of the tongue, the tannins kept the sides of the tongue dry.  Great length to the finish and just a wonderful tasting wine.  The fruit flavors were lip smacking with the pork and while I expected the earthiness to pair well with the roasted root veggies, it was actually the fruit that made the better music with them.  Very good wine at a fair price. 

There is some wine left and the remainder  of the root vegetables will be pureed into a roasted vegetable soup for dinner tomorrow.

One more bottle in the cellar, and it will be saved for a few years.

2006 Fontodi Chianti Classico.  14% alcohol and $21 a few years ago.

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