Friday, November 16, 2012

Pouilly Fume

Dinner a couple of days ago was a loin of Alaskan cod on a bed of chopped vegetables and wrapped in parchment paper and shoved in a hot oven for ten minutes.  Simple, quick, fresh and delicious.

The wine was equally good, a 2007 La Moynerie Pouilly Fume from Michel Redde et Fils.  Perfectly clear wine in the glass and a nose bursting with peach skins and wild herbs.  The initial flavors were tart peach and some tarragon.  Wildly wonderful acid in this wine and it totally filled the mouth with a crisp feeling.  Halfway through the first large sip the minerality of this wine kicked into high gear.  Except for the initial peach flavors this could have been a good Chablis.  There was a bit of lushness and body near the end before the acid and minerals kicked back end for the finish.  This wine was alive and having a great time and it was just about perfect with the cod. 

This wine was a fill in wine  - I was two bottles short of twelve mixed bottles to get a case discount so I picked this to fill out the case.  So far it's been the star of the entire case and I find it amazing that this wine and the Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc discussed a couple of posts below were made from the same grape.

Michel Redde et Fils Pouilly Fume La Moynerie.  13% alcohol and $17.

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