Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Finest Wines of Germany

One thing missing from my wine library since that collection grew to the point it could be called a library was a book on German wines.  I had looked at several but they were rudimentary at best.  Just out is a new volume in the Fine Wine Edition from the team at The World of Wine Magazine.  Stephan Reinhardt is the lead author here, with an introduction by Hugh Johnson.

The book comes close to what I was looking for since there are introductory sections on geography, climate, soils, classifications, history, culture, grapes and more.  Good reading and an excellent source of information on the old and new classifications of German wines.

From there the book offers thorough looks at some of the leading producers and their wines from the various regions of Germany.  The selection of who to feature is that of the author and it is by no means definitive, but what is there is a great look at each region.

My only complaint is a small one.  There are some outstanding vineyards in these regions and they are often divided up among more than several producers.  There is not a section in this book that looks at the vineyard sites from the aspect of the vineyard itself.   The book only looks at the vineyards through the individual producers.  After finishing the book I still don't have an understanding of what qualities make Ockfener Bockstein an outstanding vineyard, though I know what makes several producers wines outstanding.  Small complaint, but I think a major one for me.

Good book, beautiful full color photographs, tons of information and worthy addition to the library though my hunt is still on for a good book on German vineyards.

The finest Wines of Germany by Stephan Reinhardt.  University of California Press 2012.  $19. 

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