Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Local Wine, Local Food

With several good wineries in the area it is not difficult to drink local wines in the winter, but it is more difficult to eat local foods.  If one extends the range of local out to about 150 miles it becomes a little easier, and that's what we did.  We extended the range to Canada - particularly Lake Erie for some Walleye.  In Ohio Walleye is considered a sport fish and Ohio caught fish can't be sold commercially, so the Walleye in local markets comes from the northern parts of Lake Erie controlled by Canada.

The wine was easy, and it was a 2010 Kinkead Ridge White Revelation, a mixture of more than several white varieties but including sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, riesling, and albarino.  I liked this wine when it was released almost two years ago, and i like it even better now.  There's a ton of grapefruit in the nose and a bit of green hay.  There are great grapefruit flavors that are balanced out by some honeydew melon flavors and just a hint of sweetness to balance out some blazing acidity.  Refreshing, pleasant and fully together.

The walleye was skinned and the filets were dusted with salt and pepper and then pan seared on both sides in ghee in a hot skillet.  Once they browned lightly they were removed and a splash of the wine tossed into the pan along with unsalted butter.  For the last few seconds a small bit of dill went in and the pan sauce was ladled over the fish and it was sprinkled with some fresh chives.  There was a small salad and some rice cooked in a fish stock made with the walleye bones and head.  Just about a perfect match with the wine.  Dill can overpower things, but this was a perfect amount to flatter the crispness and the slight grassiness in the wine.  Good meal.

2010 Kinkead Ridge White Revelation.  14.8% alcohol and $15.  67 cases produced.

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