Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tasty Dolcetto

We went red to go with the pork dish discussed below and it was quite a good decision.  The wine was a Domenico Clerico Lange Dolcetto, Visadi from the 2010 vintage.  I pulled the cork about two hours before dinner and this wine was totally closed up and offering nothing.  Out came the decanter and in went the wine.  Two hours later it decided to bloom a little.

Deep, dark purple in the middle, the wine had a bright purple edge to it - no shades of red here, this wine was purple.  Dark fruity aromas and some saddle leather aromas were predominant.  Full bodied with very dry and astringent fruit flavors.  There was a sweet sensation that was immediately balanced out by a bitter note, both sensations being highly noticeable but neither was overdone.  Long, dry finish on this wine.  The more time it spent in the decanter and glass the more fragrant and tasty it became.  There's another bottle in the cellar and it will get four hours breathing time when its cork is removed.   

I tend to do riesling with my pork and the acid balances out the fattiness of the pork, but this wine balanced the pork with astringency. It cut through the fat flavors of the pork and left the mouth ready for the next bite of meat.  Good wine.

201 Domenico Clerico Langhe Dolcetto Visadi.  13.5% alcohol and $17.  A bargain.

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