Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple Things

Unhurried food is sometimes just what I need and the pork roast pictured here was definitely unhurried.  It started the day prior when the pork shoulder (aka Boston Butt) was rubbed with a mixture of kosher salt, black pepper and brown sugar.  It was tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and went back in the refrigerator for twenty four hours. 

It came out of the refrigerator two hours before it went in the oven.  It was unwrapped, and excess salt was wiped off and it was allowed to rest.   It got a light dusting of salt and went into a 325 degree oven in a V rack set in a pan of water and it stayed there for five hours.  It was basted a couple of times with pan liquid and then allowed to rest for an hour after it finished cooking.  It was a clear and cold day with a north wind so the oven gradually warmed the back of the house and the aromas filled the same area.  The dog drooled every time he walked through the kitchen.

A crisp, salty-sweet exterior and a moist, unctuous interior just reeked of pure pork flavor.  The original recipe called for a peach sauce, but the pork was so wonderfully good I never got around to the sauce.  A small pasta salad and a couple of warm, hard rolls for soaking up juices was all that was needed for a perfect ending to the day.  Of course there was wine.....more on that later.

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