Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It wouldn't be a great holiday without a couple meals that featured beef so there were two meals featuring prime beef over the last couple of weeks.  The simpler of the two was a two inch thick, bone in, rib eye steak done on the outdoor grill during a time when it wasn't snowing.  It was quickly seared on both sides and then moved to indirect heat to finish cooking to a beautiful medium rare.

The wine was one that I had on hand for a year or more, but since it never made it onto the inventory list it was forgotten.  The wine was a Domaine Besson Givry, Premeir Cru, Le Grand Pretans from the 2008 vintage.  The wine had a beautiful color in the glass and a nose full of soft fruit and earth with some spice mixed in for good measure.   With medium body and medium depth of flavor there was nothing outstanding about this wine except for the fact that is was totally honest and completely delicious.  It never tried to be more than it was, a very good table wine at an affordable price. 

Domaine Besson, Givry Premier Cru, Les Grand Pretans.  13% alcohol and $18.

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