Sunday, April 21, 2013


Scott, the dog, and I have been traveling for a week and it was very good to get home. The house was devoid of food but on a trip to the market I found the first of the globe artichokes of the spring.  These two came home with me. 

They were sliced and diced and peeled and quartered.  When they were finally clean they were blanched.  After all of that they were sauteed with some mushrooms, thyme and fresh tarragon in olive oil and butter.   Some cream went into the pan at the last minute.  The last thing in the pan was some fresh pasta.  Everything was tossed together, topped with a few grind of Pecorino Romano and dinner was ready. 

Artichokes are almost impossible to match with wine so instead there were a couple Southside Fizzes that matched up well.  That's Plymouth gin, some lemon juice, simple syrup and fresh mint all mixed together and topped with some seltzer water. 

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