Monday, April 29, 2013


It has been several years since I opened a bottle of Torrontes from Argentina but after picking up a chicken at the market I walked through the wine section and there was a mark-down on price for one.  In this case it was a Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate Laborum, a single vineyard Torrontes from the 2012 vintage. 

The chicken was spatchcocked and tossed on the charcoal grill and the wine chilled a bit while the chicken was cooking.  Then while the chicken was resting I poured the first glass.

A bright and perky nose of lemon peel and a bit of fresh spring herbs gave a lot of promise to the wine.  The upfront taste was grapefruit and lemon with just a bit of herb underneath those two flavors.  The acid was very sharp and forceful and there was good body to the wine.  When it came to the finish the wine fell apart for me.  As I swallowed the last bit there was sweetness at the end that did not fit.  This wasn't a sweetness of residual sugar, it was more like a dose of artificial sweetener.  It tasted like saccharine.  I rarely drink soft drinks and when I do I avoid the diet version because of the after taste I get from the artificial sweeteners used.  This wine reminded me of a lemon / lime diet soft drink.  There's a good bit left in the bottle and it will get a shot at redemption tonight.

2012 Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate Laborum.  13.5% alcohol and $12.

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jeremy said...

I would have to drink it with my friends!

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