Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Very Petit Chablis?

To go with the halibut dinner in the post below this one I opened a new wine to me, a 2009 Bourgogne Chardonnay, Kimmeridgien from Jean Marc Brocard.  Brocard produces a number of Chablis but this wine comes from just outside that area, but still grown in the Kimmeridgien limestone that is the hallmark of Chablis. 

The freshness, tartness and minerality of Chablis were all present, though dialed back somewhat.  This is a lighter wine but still had a sense of place that makes me love wines from this region.  Crisp apple flavors, bits of limestone and a light and fresh body.  The fish was rich and would have stood up to a much heavier wine, but there was no question that it went great with this wine as well.   Nice surprise.

2009 Jean Marc Brocard Bourgogne Kimmeridgien Chardonnay.  12.5% alcohol and a bargain at $15.

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