Monday, April 8, 2013


With the grey sole discussed below being a traditional French recipe I opted for a French wine - a 2008 Christian Moreau Chablis.  Good choice.

Clear and bright in the glass with no yellowing the wine still smelled fresh and tart.  The first sip hit the tongue with acid and citrus, then moved into a richness on the side of the tongue with flavors of sweet apple and fresh, green grapes.  Full and long flavors that paired particularly well with the simple richness and sweetness in the fish.  There was a slight saltiness to the finish and at the very end there was an aroma of the raindrops on dry limestone.  Great wine for a fair price, but sadly my last bottle from this particular vintage, though I do have some premier and grand cru from the same producers in the cellar.

2008 Christian Moreau Pere et Fils Chablis.  12.5% alcohol and $21.

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