Monday, March 24, 2014

Case Nere

Here is another of the Barolos that showed up at the dinner discussed below, a 2001 Enzo Boglietti Case Nere Barolo.  A stablemate to the first wine if you will.

2001 is regarded as a better vintage and I have two bottles of this wine aging so I was delighted to try it.  The flavor profiles were very similar, but after some breathing time this wine added one more element to the profile - elegance.  The Fossati was bolder and riper but this wine had a smoothness that made the difference for me.  There was an aroma difference also.  Both wines smelled of flowers but the rose scent in the Case Nere was much more pronounced while the Fossati had other flowers in the mix.     

Added minutia: Case Nere translates to black case.

I would be perfectly happy drinking either one of these wines again - and with the Case Nere I will.

2001 Enzo Boglietti Case Nere Barolo.  $75 and 14% alcohol.

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