Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Normally when I open a bottle of Riesling I'm expecting tart apple aromas and flavors to work their way to the foreground.  Not so with the Weingut Jakob Schneider 2008 Niederhauser Klamm Kabinett from the Nahe region.  After the initial bit of kerosene and minerals this was a lesson in peaches.

The aromas were most like what one gets when you start peeling a peach and the flavors were mostly about fresh, white peaches.  There was a bit of lime and lemon peel, but this was peaches the rest of the way.  Wonderful wine to just sit and sniff when peaches are out of season, and an even better wine to sit and sip. 

2008 Weingut Jakob Schneieder Niederhauser Klamm Kabinett.  8.5% alcohol and $18.

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