Sunday, March 23, 2014


The wines at last night's fifth annual Barolo dinner were very, very good.  My contribution was a 2000 Enzo Boglietti Fossati.  I decanted the wine early in the day and then returned the contents to the bottle (minus enough to taste and take the picture in the post below this one).  Dinner was beef Barolo, a large section of cow cooked slowly in Nebbiolo wine.  In this case a Langhe Nebbiolo was used since the price of a true Barolo for cooking was prohibitive.   

The wines were definitely the star of the show. Boglietti wines are a more modern approach to Barolo in that they are more approachable at a younger age with a wee bit less tannin and a bit more color.  That said this wine was anything but shy or unassuming.  It was a big wine with a lot of tannin.  After being open for more than eight hours the wine  gave up it's aromas of deep fruit in waves intermingled with a bouquet of roses and wildflowers and earth.   The more I swirled the glass the more aromas came out.  The flavor was full, but delicate at the same time - a wonderful juxtaposition that stayed on the savory side of things.  The tannin gave great support to the fruit.  Fun to drink and great with the beef.

2000 Enzo Boglietti Fosatti Barolo.  $70 and 14.5% alcohol.

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