Monday, January 4, 2016

A Rare Treat

At the end of the holiday season there is a small tradition here that is very important.  There is a very quiet dinner for two with no interruptions from the TV news, televised sporting events, or anything else.  The TV is off.  There are no children, no phones, and no lingering guests.  There is just peace and quiet and a great meal with a great bottle of wine.

The wine on Sunday was a 2008 Thibault Liger-Belair  Les Saint Georges, a premier cru from Nuit-Saint Georges in burgundy.   It is always a surprise and a treat when everything about a wine is correct, and this was a big surprise and treat.  Fruit, earth, tannin, acid and age were all together in this wine.

On first opening there was a bit of brettanomyces and it never totally went away, it only added some complexity.  While brett can be a flaw, in this case I didn't consider it one.  The color was beautiful, and the aromas of earth and fruit were tremendous.  The wine was full bodied but never overbearing or powerful.  The finish lasted for almost twenty seconds.  No rock stars here - this was an Audrey Hepburn wine, elegant and beautiful.

Dinner was a simple roasted chicken and some faro cooked in chicken stock.  It was a perfect match for the wine.

Once in a while a wine comes along that renews and refreshes the reasons I love wine.  This one did it for me in a very big way.  And the best news.......when I bought this three years ago I bought two of them.  The other one is currently in the cellar.  I can hear it calling my name as I type.

2008 Thibault Liger-Belair  Les Saint Georges.  13.5% alcohol.  Price for the newest vintage is $175.

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