Monday, January 18, 2016

Frozen Rant

One degree (f) here this morning with a chill factor of -14 degrees.  There will be a bored canine when she learns that our morning excursion has been cancelled because of the weather. 

The other thing frozen is my jaws.  Once in a while a beer is exactly what I need and yesterday it was a longing for a Guinness.  I brought home a six-pack and poured the first one into the pint glass.  Much to my surprise the glass was not full.  Even the head was below the rim of the glass.  When I checked the bottle I realized that Guinness has decreased the size of their bottles - while still charging the same price.  Instead of a 12 ounce bottle which perfectly fills a pint glass the contents are now 11.2 ounces. 

Now....time to find the Guinness website and launch a scathing attack on their accountants! 

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