Thursday, January 7, 2016

Senior Citizen

La Chapelle
A little late with this.  The 1983 Paul Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle was quite an interesting wine. 

The sediment in the bottle was so heavy that the bottle required decanting the first two thirds in the traditional method, while the last third required  a fine mesh, stainless steel strainer and a good deal of patience.  Once it was decanted I was amazed at hos much of the color was in the sediment.  The wine most resembled and older, pale  Burgundy.

The aromas were all about earth and leather with almost no hint of fruit at the beginning.  It took a few minutes for any fruit to make an appearance.  Despite its pale color the wine was still big on flavor.  Again, this was more earth and leather on the first sip with the fruit appearing after a few minutes.  The fruit was dark red when it did appear and the acid was great.  There was still a good bit of tannin.  The finish was where the wine let down; it was quite short.

After thirty minutes or so the wine began to fall apart and began tasting older and flat.  

In the end this was a very interesting wine that was beyond its prime but still had something to offer and a few things to teach.

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