Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cattus Interuptus?

Scott's early, morning walk was eventful today. Less than three seconds after we walked out the front door he spied (and I heard) two cats about to start a litter of kittens in the flower bed.

His reaction - "Not on my watch you don't!"

Fortunately he was on a 30 foot leash. The large orange and white male stopped what he was about to do, considered his situation, and decided that a morning of cat sex could wait awhile. Off he went around the corner of the building with Scott in hot pursuit. When Scott hit the end of the leash he spun around, saw the female, and came running back. Despite her "itch" in certain spots she immediately hit the tree next to the bedroom window and raced up it until she was out of his reach.

It's an hour later and she is still there and both Scott and Ellie are glued to the front door waiting for her to make a descent. I thanked her for posing for the photo and suggested she seek professional advice about her situation.


Edward said...

I often have rabbits in my front yard eating all my herbs. . .

Dan McGrew said...

The cat stayed up there for about 7 hours until it started raining strong enough to convince her to move. She was not happy!

Now I think the entire story deserves a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc with a little "cat pee" included. :-)