Tuesday, January 8, 2008


For those who asked, yes, there will be flamingos appearing occasionally here.

The short version
More than several years ago I was sitting with a group of friends when I remarked that there were two things I really hated; people who put a concrete goose on their front step and then dress it for the season and plastic flamingos. Friends being friends they decided to combine the two and the picture to the right is the result - a flamingo statue which comes with specially designed seasonal clothing. Along the way they, and others, have donated any number of flamingo items way too numerous to mention here. Some have been funny and some have been totally 'off the all.'

It's nice to have friends, but in this case I guess my biggest regret was I did not say, "You know what I really hate? Good wine and good scotch." Now that would be a collection worth blogging about.

And for what it's worth - the flamingo is wearing a Santa hat and a replica Ohio State University hockey sweater.

Quick dinner last night that was just some pasta and a veal cutlet in a pan sauce. 2005 Protocolo to drink, an inexpensive Castillian red that tastes best with a slight chill. Nothing serious, just fruit, tannin and a little alcohol to carry it through. For $6 it was good, but if the expected major hike in European wine prices hits the US the 2006 may be in the $10 range - and then it becomes a questionable buy.


Anonymous said...

I like flamingos

Anonymous said...

Where do I find the clothes for the flamingo?

Dan McGrew said...

you have to have someone make them for you. :-)