Thursday, January 3, 2008


Definitely a cold night as the temperature dropped to eleven degrees overnight . Scott and Ellie still wanted to spend time outside, and both got their evening walk in the snow at a balmy fifteen degrees. Scott spent the rest of the time looking out the front window watching for a cat he encountered on his walk.

If it had been a weekend it would have been the perfect time to braise some beef or lamb shanks, but week nights don't lend themselves to that. Instead there was a turkey pot pie made fresh daily by a local market. 30 minutes in the oven was just enough time to get it warm and golden brown on top and to fix a small salad.

I finished the Chateau Ste. Michelle cabernet that seemed a little tannic and weak in fruit on New Year's Eve . The second half of the bottle was far superior as the tannins faded a little and the fruit came to the front. Very interesting change in the wine and it was perfect with the small pot pie. Add a Lagavulin at the end of the meal and it turned out to be a nice evening.

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