Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mid-Week Treat

Sometimes the stars align themselves in good ways. Wednesday was cold but sunny here and a work project wrapped up early so that I was able to be home by 1:00 PM, and that meant there was time to grill something.

I knew about this a couple of days ago so there was some pre-planning. The results was country ribs of pork marinated for 24 hours in fresh rosemary, garlic and olive oil, grilled asparagus and some potatoes fried in duck fat. The pork was grilled over direct heat just until browned and then moved to indirect heat to finish cooking. Good stuff.

It certainly wasn't the most carbon friendly meal I've eaten. The pork was a natural product from Quebec, the asparagus was fresh from a Peruvian garden, the tomato garnish from Florida and the duck fat came from California. The wine was from Spain. To get back to a carbon neutral position I will have to eat tree bark until the spring thaw here in Ohio.

The wine is a personal favorite of mine. Inexpensive at $8 it delivers a lot of flavor and depth for that price. There is a good deal of fruit up front and some great acidity and some tannin to cut through the pork fat. It was decanted in an earthenware pitcher that I use as an decanter while the pork was grilling.

Such a good evening I may have to try this Wednesday thing again.

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