Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sister, Sister

For the third time in her life Scott and Ellie's sister, Doer, was here for a visit. She was here originally when she was born, then she went to live in Illinois as a young puppy. She was eventually placed in a home in northern Ohio for year, and after that period the folks decided they could no longer keep her so she came back here before moving back to Illinois.

Weekend before last we picked her up again in Illinois and brought her home because there was a new 'permanent' home waiting for her in Maine. Scott was beside himself because he felt like he had the beginnings of a harem with two girls in the house. Doer's new family drove out to pick her up and the three of them immediately liked each other. She was in their laps, she was kissing them on the nose, she was selling herself - and it worked.

Over the years these folks have owned two of my dogs, and now this is the third one. At last report Doer was busy diving into snow banks in Maine and has learned to jump up on the bed. She's busy supervising a crew that is remodeling the kitchen in her new house and she appears to have found that permanent home she's been looking for.

Scott, of course, is disappointed that his harem disappeared and Ellie looked at him as if to say, "Get over it, Dude. If you're not gonna chew that rawhide I can help you out"

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