Sunday, January 27, 2008

Perfect Day

Blue skies and warmer temperatures here today with lots of sunshine. That brought out some hot air balloons this morning, one of which floated overhead totally annoying Scott and Ellie. The hiss of the burner definitely got their attention.

Later on in the day we all wound up at the wildlife area east of here and they got a ton of exercise. Both were into the ponds and mud and they had a great time. Squirrels, geese and ducks were all fair game today and the dogs were equal opportunity chasers. Scott even found a lone pheasant, and he pointed it - be it ever so briefly. Baths were in order when we all got home. They spent most of the rest of the day sleeping, though they did get up when it was time for their dinner.

My dinner was a small rack of lamb, rubbed with garlic, rosemary and olive oil and grilled. The pasta dish was papparadelle with white and brown mushrooms with olive oil and butter and then dusted with some Pecorino Romano cheese. Nothing difficult, just a simple but delicious meal.

There was another bottle of Vina Alarba within easy reach and it paired well with the meal.

Dessert is occurring while this is being posted and it's just a wonderful glass of Higland Park 12 year old Scottish Whisky. The perfect end to a really nice day.

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