Friday, February 12, 2010


Still recovering locally from the latest snow storm earlier in the week, though some sense of normalcy is returning.  Fourteen plus inches of snow on the ground, low temperatures and high winds make one yearn even more for spring.  Short of spray painting the snow green my options were limited to drinking a bottle of Vinho Verde with an impromptu paella rip off last night.

There was some left over saffron rice, a couple of chicken thighs, a few frozen shrimp and other assorted things in the fridge.  They were all combined and stir fried with some spring onions, olive oil, garlic etc and it made for a good meal.  The Vinho Verde (green wine) was dry and crisp and a good match.  It was also inexpensive.

At this moment the temperature is -4 degrees (-20 c) and the wind chill is -14 (-26 c).  There is a layer of ice fog at the moment and that is making things very slick and icy.  There will have to be a hearty red for dinner.

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