Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two That Just Missed

Two more wines received some consideration.  The 2007 Yangarra McLaren Vale Shiraz from Australia had a deep nose of sweet, dark cherries and plums.  The tannins were softer than expected, but the flavor was the dark cherry with some blueberries in the mix.  Good acid on the wine.  Nicely balanced wine and full flavored.  This one cried out for red meat from an outdoor grill.  14.5% alcohol.

Another wine popular with the group was the 2003 Black Bart Stagecoach Vineyard from Napa Valley.  This was the second oldest wine in the tasting, being edged out by six months by the Ulithorne.  The wine is made by Veraison Winery.    Very fruit forward and full flavored wine showing dark cherry fruit and fully ripe plums.  Highly extracted flavors.  The acid was a little low and there was a touch of heat and a little sweetness on the finish.  The wine was 15.4% alcohol. 

These two wines were actually quite similar in their extraction and flavor profiles.   I preferred the Yangarra because there was less alcohol and more acid. 

To be honest the Black Bart is not my style of wine.  Two tasters had this wine in third place and loved it.  There is just too much in the bottle for me  and after a couple of glasses with dinner I'm not sure I'd still be awake for dessert.  None the less it was well made, just a style I don't like.  To use a currently popular phrase...."This is the kind of thing you'd like if you liked this kind of thing." 

Two wines to go and they were the two least liked wines of the tasting.

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