Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow and Second Day Burgundy

The cardinal above and several of his friends hung out in a tree yesterday munching bird seed and keeping Scott and Doer occupied for hours.  There was eight inches of snow on the ground and the dogs had a great time uncovering sticks and toys.  Beginning this evening they are predicting four to six more inches of the white stuff, so whatever they unearthed yesterday will be covered again.

There was a small rack of lamb last night and some saffron rice to go along with it.  There was also the second half of the bottle of Chorey-Les-Beaune to deal with.  One should always have problems like this.  The bottle was vacuum sealed overnight and when dinner was ready the vacuum was released.

Some of the strong earth had faded and the wine was more fruit forward.  From a 50/50 mixture of fruit and earth the wine progressed to maybe 60/40 fruit to earth.  It was very good the first day, but it was better the second day.

The meal and the last glass of Burgundy ended with a small cheese. My first experience with a La Tur from Italy was sublime.  An equal mixture of sheep, goat and cow's milk the cheese ripens from the outside in.  Sweet, salty, very earthy and very runny, it was superb with the last of the Burgundy.  Good stuff.

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