Saturday, February 6, 2010

Inexpensive Burgundy

It was not only inexpensive, it was very good.  Not great or profound, but it was a good wine with a meal.

In this case the wine was a 2006 Chorey-Les-Beaune, Clos Margot from Domaine Jean Luc Dubois and checked in at $26.  Dinner was a pot roasted chicken with ginger, rosemary, bay leaf, lemon, onions, garlic and celery served over some home made egg noodles.  The broth alone was worth the price of admission.

I uncorked the wine about half an hour before the chicken came out of the oven and decanted half the bottle.  After about fifteen minutes some of it found its way into a glass.  The color was medium to pale but very representative of pinot noir that isn't over extracted.  The nose was black cherries and dark, rich, damp soil.  Neither the fruit nor the soil predominated, they just sat there complimenting each other.   The taste was much the same.  There was plenty of the tart, dark cherries, but there was just as much earth and soil.  Great acidity and soft, tannins balanced out the fruit.  The tannins kicked in at the end to dry the mouth.  The mouth feel was sweet, yet tart and dry.

It was a great foil for the chicken as the fruit complimented the taste and the acid cut through the richness of the chicken and the noodles.  The wine would be equally good with a beef and mushroom dish.

There was nothing earth shattering here, just a good honest wine at a fair price and at 13.5% alcohol one that didn't have me nodding off to sleep after a glass or two.

That whiteness behind the bottle in the picture is part of the eight inches of snow that arrived last night and this morning.  The skies are clear now and the temperatures are going down into single digits tonight.  More snow is on the way Monday night.

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