Friday, February 5, 2010

2008 Mauro Veglio Dolcetto D'Alba

There was a quick trip through the market last night to stock up on a few supplies.  Heavy snows are forecast for the next couple of days, and while there's certainly enough wine in the house I needed to get a few other things in before the snow was to begin.

One of the things that caught my eye was the 2008 vintage of Mauro Veglio's Dolcetto D'Alba.  Dinner was to be some pasta with grape tomatoes and pancetta so this wine cried out to me from its shelf as I passed by.

I like Dolcetto because it's easy to drink and is a wine that doesn't require heavy thought.  Usually a good food wine.  I very much liked the 2007 version of this wine (click here) so I listened to the sirens' song and brought the bottle home.

The wine was suitably dark in the glass and the nose was fruit, blueberries and strawberries mixed with a few cherries.  There was good flavor and that flavor was those same fruits leaning heavily toward the blueberry / strawberry end of the spectrum.  The acid was a little low, but that's just Dolcetto being Dolcetto.  The depth of flavor and the finish were a little short on this wine but for $13 it was still a good bottle to knock down with some pasta.  It did go down easy with the food and for $13 that's really all I was asking and all I expected.

For the record I still have one bottle of the 2007 vintage left so maybe there will be a side by side meal with two vintages of this wine in the near future.  My money will be on the 2007.

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