Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Celebration

Thirty two years ago today the first Gordon Setter arrived at the house and started the proverbial slippery slope that has seen many more spend their lives here.  Thirty one years ago today Gordon number two was born. The two current Gordons are directly descended from her.  It's been a very happy thirty two years.

So how does one party?  Scott and Doer, the current dogs, got a bison burger mixed in with their dog food tonight and have been happily chewing rawhide since then.  It's not been a bad evening for humans either.

The celebration started with a Vicomte de Castellane Brut (non vintage).  Nothing says celebration more than champagne and this one didn't disappoint.  The nose was toasty with yeast and bread and there was a more than adequate amount of tiny bubbles.  Tart and appley with good acid.  Lively and sharp but with a tiny dose of sweetness at the end.  Not the very best, but certainly more than acceptable. 

There were oysters to go with the champagne.  Batch number one was from the half shell while batch number two was popped on the grill until they opened.  There was a mignonette sauce with champagne vinegar, vermouth, finely chopped shallot, lemon juice and ground black pepper.  We even waved a branch of fresh dill over the top of the sauce to add a tiny zing to it.  Great with the fresh oysters and even better with the grilled ones. 

I would have been happy if the evening stopped there, but it continued through two more wines, some more food and ended with a celebratory pair of Scottish whiskys.

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