Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Wines

Yesterday was the spring trip down to the Ohio River to taste the new releases from Kinkead Ridge and La Vigna wineries.

2009 was a virtual disaster for production at Kinkead Ridge due to a horrendously wet October, but they managed to salvage two white wines, 126 cases of their Viognier - Roussanne and 42 cases of all the other white varieties blended together.  In this case it was Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Semillion and whatever other grape happened to have a little juice left in it.  The wine was released under a second label, River Village Cellars, and sold for a whopping $9.  The nose had some honey and some citrus peel, a wee bit of grass, and that pretty much described the flavors as well.  Their was some herbaceous taste to the wine that I liked and I loved the sharp acid.  Medium weight, light, pleasant flavors, nice acidic finish.  For the price you won't beat it.  Good hot weather wine.

The Viognier - Roussanne is usually two parts Viognier to one part Roussanne but this vintage (2009) it became almost a four to one ratio.  This was a very different wine than in the past.  It lacked the depth of flavors and the viscosity that I always liked in this blend, but it was still quite tasty.  This wine is lighter in style but still with a good nose of orange pith, a wee bit of lemongrass and bit of blanched almonds.  The taste goes more into light tropical with some kiwi and ultra ripe peach.  The acid is good and the finish more than acceptable in length.  Easy wine to drink and a very good effort for a poor year.  Sometime this autumn I crack open one of these alongside the last two vintages of the same wine and have a shellfish meal to go along with it.

La Vigna later today or tomorrow.

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