Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last Two Lobster Wines

The last two wines at the lobster dinner were a 2006 Macon Villages from Louis Latour and a 2005 Marsanne from Black Bart and the Stagecoach vineyard from Napa Valley.

The Macon was light, crisp and pleasant.  A little lemon and a little green grape in the taste, nice acid and a decent finish made for a wine that went down very easy and had zero delusions of grandeur.  It was what it was meant to be, a pleasant wine that was easy to drink.

The Black Bart Marsanne was entirely out of place at this meal.  It was heavy and oily, very sweet and tired the mouth after about two sips.  On it's own as a dessert wine it might have had a place at the table, but at 15.6% alcohol it negated any pleasure it might have had with the lobster.  I really can't think of any meal it might have complimented.

At the end of the night this was the only bottle that still had wine in it, all the others having been consumed. 

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