Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Berries

I stopped at a small, roadside market yesterday during errands.  There were just picked red and black raspberries, the very first local fruit of the season.  It was a wonderful year in this area for strawberries so a container of each color raspberries came home with me for evaluation.

They were tossed with some sugar and allowed to macerate for several hours and then served over fresh pound cake, although a good handful of each was simply washed and eaten by hand for lunch.  Remarkably fresh and sweet with good acid.  Both colors were wonderful and I refuse to choose between them.  It is obviously a great year for raspberries in this area and with the current weather pattern it should be a great year for wine grapes. Here's hoping. 

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Edward said...


Very envious! I'm looking forward to summer, partly because I've created a mental map of all the unloved and unharvested mulberry trees in my suburb. . .