Friday, June 18, 2010

Vega Sindoa 2009 Rose'

The 2009 Vega Sindoa Rose' should sell with batteries included for the electric or neon pink color of the wine in the bottle.  Had this wine ever made it to the cellar I'm certain it would have glowed in the dark. The wine is 100% Garnacha (Grenache) and it is definitely a fruit forward wine with an upfront taste of fresh pressed cherry juice.  There's also a hint of citrus in the wine via a good dose of acid and a tiny bit of spiciness resembling a faint taste of cloves.  With the large amount of fruit on the front end I was expecting an off dry wine, but the finish is totally dry.  Very good with a slight chill, and just the thing for a warm evening alongside a small steak from the grill and an ear of fresh sweet corn. 13% alcohol and $9.  A bargain.

The corn was the first semi-local corn of the season and was far superior to the fresh corn trucked in from the south. 

With the weather trending hotter there will be more rose in the near future.  In 2009 we had only four days where the temperature exceeded 90 degrees F.  Forecasts call for the next six days to be above 90.  Good for the local grapes after last year's cold and wet vintage, but it means sthe air conditioning will run more this summer. 

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