Monday, January 10, 2011

2009 Chablis

The first of the 2009 vintage Chablis made an appearance in the local market recently. If I could only drink one chardonnay based wine it would have to be Chablis.  I love simple Chablis and I  am very happy drinking premier cru and grand cru versions as well.

The wine of the day on Sunday was the William Fevre Champs Royaux.  Palest gold in the glass, there was also a light green tint to the wine.  The nose was sharp with white fruits, dry mineral and oyster shell aromas.  If one closed ones eyes it smelled rather the seashore on a warm spring morning.  The taste was quite tart with apple and white peach flavors, good depth and a long, long finish.  The wine was austere and reticent but there were little hints that a year more in the bottle would see the wine bloom. 

There was some fresh, Alaskan cod for dinner.  It was pan seared and then butter and wine were added to the skillet to make a pan sauce.  Some chopped parsley went in at the last minute.  Wonderful playfulness between the wine and the fish.   A good meal.

$23 and 13% alcohol.

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