Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cotes du Rhone

Bright, sunny and bitterly cold yesterday but that did nothing to stop a craving for a steak from the grill.  The two inches of over night snow proved no deterrent either.

The wine was quite interesting.  We opened a 2007 Clos du Mont-Olivet, Montueil la Levade, Veilles Vignes Cotes du Rhone.  The last few years Cotes du Rhone wines have seemed to pick up weight and extraction.  They've become more fruit forward and the alcohol content has crept upward.   For the most part this wine is the antithesis of that.  The nose was earthy and clean and not at all fruit driven.  The fruit that was there was raspberry and strawberry but it was playing second fiddle.  There was a tremendous burst of acid at the beginning before the fruit in the wine kicked in.  Good fruit flavors without being overpowering.  This was leaning a little to the rustic side with earth and oak being as prominent as the fruit.  Very dry and reserved on the finish but the length of flavor was good.  The alcohol level was still high at 14%, but it carried very little of the sweetness that high alcohol wines sometimes exhibit.   Excellent wine with a grilled steak. 

14% alcohol and $14.

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