Sunday, January 30, 2011

2008 La Vigna Red

There was a small tri-tip roast beef Friday evening.  Seasoned with salt and pepper, pan seared and then stuck in a low oven for 40 minutes to it came out evenly cooked to a beautiful dark pink when thinly sliced.

The wine was one I was anxious to try.  I bought four bottles of La Vigna's proprietary red wine last spring after tasting it at the winery and put it away.  La Vigna is a relatively new winery east of Cincinnati, this being their second vintage.  It carries the Ohio River Valley appellation.

We splashed a fair amount in a large glass and swirled.  The wine was definitely purple on the edges.  Lots of intense, ripe aromas of bright cherries with a  few darker cherries there as a base.  There were some hints of cinnamon and oak, fresh oak.  The taste was ripe, tart cherry flavors intermixed  with some earthy overtones.  Medium body to the wine and firm, strong tannin and great acidity.  At the very end the darker flavors made their presence known.  There was an elegance to this wine that I liked very much.  There was nothing intense about it, it was sleek and great with the food. 

It will be fun to try this wine again over the next few years.  It's still locked into a young phase judging from the bright purple color so I think we'll try another one in the spring of 2012 and go from there. 

$22 and 13.9% alcohol


Charie Ca said...

seems like, I am thirsty now.thanks!

John said...

I've always want to drink wine specially red wine as they were good for the heart... however i haven't tasted this one before and i will surely gonna buy this. thanks for posting it.

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I Love Ski Jumping said...

super blog ; ))